Hello! I am Peggathy Gabriel.
I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Many of my summers were spent in a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania, where my father was from. My uncle, an artist, lived there on top of a hill, called "French Hill". From an early age I was inspired by his art.

Another one of my great exposures to creative excellence was when I studied portraiture under the well known artist, Joe Maniscalco, in West Bloomfield Michigan. The techniques that I gained from him were the catalyst for my achievements and awards.

Showing my work in a gallery in Sardinia, Italy, deepened my appreciation of artistic expressions from all over the world. There were artists from many places, making that Sardinian summer, a time for amazing insights and experiences. This inspired me to paint many works from my travels in Italy, India, and other European countries, as well as on our continent. I feel that being open to other cultures, and historic and natural wonders is enriching to the soul of not only the artist but those who can appreciate the art.

I am on the Board of Directors of the Corpus Christi Art Center, representing the independent artists. I am a member of the Rockport, Texas art center, and I am represented by Gary Osborns fine art gallery in Port Aransas, Texas.

This year I have written and published a book about Hip Replacement and Hip Resurfacing, as fate would have it I was a recipient of the latter surgery. There is not another book like it, and I have helped many people because of it, receiving phone calls frequently, and articles about my book are published in newspapers in different parts of the country. Of course, it is my art that is on the cover.

In July of 2003, I visited Alaska, where kayaking was on the menu in a major way. While paddling in wilderness coves of Prince William Sound, I discovered a most amazing inspiration, like finding a giant pearl. In the coves, where the rocks and land meet the shore, a perfect reflection would occur, creating the most amazing designs. I could see faces, animals, geometrical designs, and more. Feeling in my heart that this is possibly where the indigenous people received the idea of totem poles, brought me to feel them as sacred gifts from nature. To my delight, I have realized that Totems are all over the world. When painting totems, I am constantly discovering that there are many meanings to be found in each one. When a totem is completed, it can have as many meanings for as many different consciousnesses that observe it. When it is turned upside down, there is an entire new concept to view. Totems are living paintings because you can always see something new. Totems mimic life experience, as what we are, what we do, be it loving or fearful, neutral, or the opposite of love, we reflect as a whole picture of how we create our life. Totems in that sense are all around us.

Kayaking in the Coastal Bend brings awareness to such natural beauty that I not only find inspiration in Totems, but also from the birds, sandy beaches and the natural wonders of the area. Painting wildlife and nature will always enchant my creativity, as well as soul portraits and wondrous scenes from other parts of the world.