Hip Replacement OR Hip Resurfacing
A Story Of Choices

The number of Americans facing hip replacement surgery is rising annually.
There is a much less invasive alternative to the total hip replacement surgery.   It is HIP RESURFACING.  Based on a European track record, hip resurfacing indicates a potential for hips that may last many years longer, which is of vital importance to people in their 30's, 40's, and 50's.
Revisions to the total hip replacement and risks of dislocations are concerns that are minimized by hip resurfacing.
Peggy Gabriel, as many Americans, braved a trip to a foreign country to receive the hip resurfacing surgery.   This incredible surgery is not available to everyone in the United States, as it is still under an FDA study.   It also is far more affordable in Europe where its successes are notable.   Americans are still opting to go to Europe, rather than to have the ball of their hip amputated, and face a lifetime of limitations, as is expected with the total hip replacement surgery.
Most have learned about hip resurfacing by doing their own research on the internet.  The world keeps changing in leaps and bounds, and many realize, that sometimes our physicians cannot give us all of the information that we are seeking. 
This book is perfect for someone who is facing a hip replacement surgery or knows of someone who is.  With the added expertise of one of the finest hip resurfacing doctors in the world,  Dr. Koen De Smet,   this book is sure to be a useful source of information.
Peggy Gabriel is a certified life coach, pilates instructor, and professional artist.  She resides in Corpus Christi, Texas.  This is her first book.


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